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Can Painted or Stained 2x6 boards be run through a planer? Answered

I have 2x6 Painted/Stained outdoor stair treads that are a little rough and peeling from the sun. Can I run them through my planer without damaging the cutter? I'm hoping to get a nice smooth, clean surface to stain without trying to sand everything. Thanks for your help.



I belt or orbital sander with 60 grit paper will make quick work of that. Then move to 150 to smooth it all out for painting.

Thanks everyone. I went with the belt sander. Couldn't get the 60 so I went with 50. That got the cupping out and stripped off the paint in no time. I followed it up with 80 grit to take out some random marks and then 120 grit on a palm sander. Used an acrylic stain that went on beautifully. I will need a second coat but they are looking great. Thanks again.

That's a good idea/

Thanks everyone. I'll proceed with the sanding process. I thought about replacing the treads with something like Trex but that's a pricy change.
Will the treads need to be sealed with something? Or can I just go with a deck stain?

Stain colours the wood but doesn't do much to protect it from further water damage. You want a top coat that soaks in and makes the outer layer waterproof. Check your local hardware stores as there are a lot of good inexpensive options these days.

Thanks. Would something like Thompson's Water Seal over the stain work?

That is the first product that comes to my mind...there are some that are stain and sealant in one - saving a step of waiting for the stain to dry.


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You might be interested in one of my instructables, I did a lot of boards and only wrecked the blades when I hit screws.

They'll play havoc with the blades, because there'll be embedded grit in the surfaces.

I've seen much raggier timber go through a thicknesser without problem.

Your thicknesser. or someone else's......

I've done plenty of of raggy LOOKING stuff, only I can guarantee embedded stones and all sorts of things in steps.


We, er, recycled a bunch of pallets and old benches into useable timber.


It'll work but the blades will dull very fast, with any luck you can get access to a sanding 'planer' to take the top layer off.

I'd've suggested TCT blades, but they also wouldn't take that kind of abuse.

perhaps a pressure washer could get rid of a lot of the abuse...