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Can Some Help Me Answered

I Have a linksys usb ethernet port. And a wii. i dont wanna spend 40 bucks on that usb thing or nintendo wifi usb,so i was wondering if i could make this work with it?


Try it, and tell us if it works =o)

ive already tried it doesnt work and i wanna know if someone can mod it to make it work.

If you have a wireless cable modem u can just plug usb str8 from it into wii

How doesn't it work? Could you say exaxtly what you've got and have tried? Then again, I should think the Nintendo Wii will only talk to a Nintendo wifi USB. L

Did you configured the network correctly on the console ? Though, IMHO, if it does not work by itself, it must be an impossible mission ... Lot of USB devices have to load a firmware first before to work. That's the drivers and the OS who upload it on the USB device ...

all i tried was plugging an ethernet wire into it and plugging it into the. and then i clicked add a wired internet connection on wii but it said it wasnt found

This is the only ways it will work -The Nintendo brand "Usb Lan adapter" that plugs into the back of the Wii -Nintendo Usb WiFi adapter. -wireless modem (only some work) -some other brand wireless WiFi And those are the only ways moding it would require a mod chip then you could connect the internet directly through the Usb using the software it comes with the mod chip. It's cheaper to buy the WiFi adapter but it it very weak signal I would recommend the Usb lan adapter.

The red circle showes a ethernet port,the blue cicrles a usb.you plug the ethernet wire into the the red circle and the blue circle plugs into a usb port when i used with my pc it comes up as local area conection3

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