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Can a 14V 3A power supply be modified to supply 14V and 5A? Answered

I ordered the power supply thinking that 14V and 3A would be enough to convert my dead power tool batteries into a corded solution. It's a Target brand set so I couldn't find specs on current I just knew the battery voltage. 
I think stepping it up to 5A will do the trick. Can i hack the power supply to do that?


No you can't hack the power supply but you might want to do something like this:


Thanks, guys. I own a trusty DeWalt corded drill.
I'm more upset about the loss of the circular saw and jigsaw that came with the set. Unfortunately its too cheap a set to warrant more than 30 to 40 bucks.
I'm comfortable with circuitry and was prepared to replace some capacitors/diodes etc. but I expected that this might be a lost cause.

If its just replacement batteries look on E bay. I think that is where I saw them, there are people who repair battery packs. They open up the unit and replace the dead batteries with fresh ones. They have the special tools to spot weld the contacts and such. Its cheaper than new ones and many people have said they are better because they usually use better quality batteries. These guys are pretty much experts. I got a replacement charger from one of them that they said was better than the OEM one and so far it has been.


5 years ago

You can buy a corded drill really cheap, it will be a lot less than trying to modify a power supply and a lot safer too. Double insulated drills are made so that if something happens like standing in a puddle of water it won't electrocute people. A converted one would not be near as safe.

You'd be AMAZED how much current they can pull. You'd be lucky to manage with 20A.

Not without completely rebuilding the supply. It's doable just not a hobbiest kind of a project.