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Can a 24V AC stepper motor be run from 12V DC ? Answered

Hi Instructables people,  have been searching for days to find if there any way of running 24V AC bipolar steppe motor from a 12V DC battery without using a DC to AC inverter. Not used stepper motors before so any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks for your replies guys, running it from a 556ic is a bit beyond me. Is there a stepper motor controller I could purchase that would work ? The only inverters I have seen from 12vdc to 24ac are > $100.

Your syncronous motor only has a single coil in it.
At least that would be the standard configuration.
The six poles are formed by the cage.
With the number of poles fixed and the slow speed it must be a geared motor as found in most microwaves to turn the plate.
The need AC to work and the frequency affects the speed.
Just get a cheap stepper motor, driver board and Arduino if you really need a stepper.
If it is just the slow turning speed get a geared 12V motor.


1 year ago

You can run a synchronous motor off of a 12 volt square wave at about 37 Hz...

I chose the 37 cps rather then half frequency because the SQ-wave will heat the motor more then a sine wave by RMS peaking and the third harmonic that wants to run the motor 3 times faster in reverse at 1/6 the power..

If the motor uses less then 300 ma you can run it directly off of a 556 IC which is a dual 555 see pic_2.

You should know a synchronous motor runs exactly proportional to line frequency, divided by gear reduction, divided by the number of motor winding poles... So your machine will turn slower on 37 Hz...

Be sure to click the pics to see the entire image..

ACmotor.GIF12V-Motor complimentry 556.png

No. You have to have a controller, and generally, although a stepper motor can be wired to run synchronously, a synchronous motor can't be wired as a stepper (not enough wires brought out)