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Can a 500Kohm 2W audio taper pot replace a 500Kohm 1W audio taper pot? Answered

I'm sourcing parts for a Theremin (http://www.therealcharleshobbs.com/keppingertubetheremin/) and the parts list calls for a 500K Ohm 1Watt Audio taper potentiometer. I cant find one rated at 1Watt, but I can find one rated at 2 Watts. Will the 2 Watt option be an acceptable replacement?


The wattage rating is "up to" -- and since 1 watt is withing the range of 0 to 2 watts, the 2W component will work just fine.

It will probably be a bit bulkier, but if you're building the thing yourself you can presumably adjust the layout if necessary to allow for that.

Def ok with the advice given about size being relevant too.

For your information, pots come in two basic types - linear and logarithmic (log) you need a logarithmic type as that is 'audio taper'.

Have fun.

There is no electrical difference other than power handling capability. There should be a difference in the physical size. Just make sure it will fit where intended or adjust your enlosure size/layout to accomodate. I personally would hold off on drilling the mounting holes for it/them and the surrounding parts until I could confirm the fit.

Hopefully there will be an 'ible when you are finished...


Definitely! The rating tells the maximum power you can put through it before it fails (melts, explodes, whatever :-). A 2W rating is more robust.