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Can a 5v 500mah charger charge a 6v lead acid battery? Answered

I bought a solar lighting kit from a local electronic store that has a fold-able 3.4w 9v solar panel and a 6v 4500 mah lead acid battery built-in. Then I recently bought another solar light kit that has a 1.7w solar panel, a 3.7v 2200 mah Li-ion battery and came with a 5v 500mah wall charger.

So my question is would it be possible if the wall charger that came with the solar kit that had it charge the other solar kit that has a lead acid battery?


No. The charging voltage has to be higher than the output of the battery to charge. Otherwise the battery is just overpowering the charger and nothing happens.

Thanks for clearing that up, here are the images btw of the solar kits I bought


The Red one basically has the Lead Acid Battery since its bigger, and the Yellow one has the Li-Ion with the wall charger