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Can a 7.2 volt battery with 3000 mah substitute for a 8.4 battery with 1100 mah ? Answered

Hi, I am Planning on going airsofting with my echo 1 m4 commando, but do not have enough batteries to make it. The batteries my gun came with were 8.4 1100 mah NIMH rechargable batteries but i have some 7.2 volt , 3000 mah NIMH batteries lying around that i use for my rc car. I would like to know whether using the 7.2 volt batteries will either harm the gun or the batteries.


mah doesn't mean anything other than (roughly) how long the battery will last. It's the voltage you need to worry about. 7.2 is a fair bit less than 8.4, so don't expect better performance.

They both sound about the same so i dont think it will overpower it but i dont know if the gun will be drawing to much from the battery to quickley

i think it might work but im not sure because these are 3000 mah and the others are 1100. i suggest give it a try because i dont think it would do that much, if any damage to the gun but try at your own risk sorry this hasnt really helped but im 80% sure it would be fine for the batteries and the gun :)