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Can a USB wireless adapter be hooked to a router, using a USB to RJ45 ethernet adapter instead of a DSL or cable modem?? Answered

My sister lives 5 houses away and we share her internet connection, now I need to hook up my new desktop also, our cousin gave me an US Robotics 5462 wireless router, it works with DSL or cable modems, would like to make it work with my USB wireless adapter using a USB to RJ45 ethernet adapter, will it work?? please any input will be greatly appreciated.


do you all ready have a wireless network if you clear it up a little for me maybe i could help

Yes we do have a wireless network but I'd like to have my own network using the USR 5462, using a USB adapter to feed the router.

what i was thinking is if you have your own computer with a Ethernet port you could hook up the usb adapter and use the computer to get the internet and change the Ethernet in port to an output port and then use that to plug in the router. i am planing to do this with an old laptop with a broken screen and run a second screen to the dashboard and keep it in my truck and have WiFi in my truck.