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Can a battery recharge itself? Answered

Hi there, i have a query.
In a circuit powering just an LED can the battery power the LED an recharge itself? Or, having a battery power an electric motor connected to electric motor running it in reverse could that generate electricity to run the first electric motor? In my head i have this image in my head that the 2 motors wired together with a LED could power that LED and themselves from the battery connected for a short while then put back in its package?
I'm not blessed with access to a reasonably priced electronics store (honestly, its cheaper for me to import the components from America paying postage to New Zealand than purchasing at the nearest store even through online or phone order)
Anyway, so i haven't got the patience to wait 2weeks and spend many dollars to experiment myself i wondered if anyone had or knows if this sort of thing works?
Thank you
Also, could you explain and list what i would need to do this?
Thanks again



Best Answer 7 years ago

No. None of the above works. Try reading this for some guidance on why not, and how to think about physics.

Seconded and thirded. Maybe robot should link that in automatically !

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No.  A battery that is truly empty can not recharge itself.

But a battery that has been used very hard for a time may appear to be empty and if it is allowed to cool and "rest" will have some remaining charge.

A motor turning another motor in reverse will generate some power but will use much more power than it generates.  Google "law of thermo dynamics" is the right term.