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Can a gas stove burner head be drilled out for more BTU's? I need a hotter WOK.? Answered




9 years ago

I got around this problem by using a HEAVY cast iron wok made by Lodge. It holds a lot more heat, and doesn't cool down when you add ingredients.

I owned a restaurant and had to do this once. Instead of drilling the individual holes in the actual piece where the flames are, i went back a little further to where the gas is actually injected. there was a nozle there and it was a small hole in it. I drilled it with a slightly bigger drill bit. worked like a charm , but sis have drawbacks. I t did let more gas come through so when i turned the dial it allowed more flames but, but i also had to watch how high i turmned it up because it shot flames about 2 foot up if i turned it all the way on. but if i lit it and adjusted it i could use it as normal. Just remember that if you do it, its unsafe, also if you do it make sure to do it on a part AFTER the dial this way you can control the flame. hope this helps.

I don't know but drilling out your burner head may cause some safety concerns if the stove was not designed to handle the increased amount of heat. The proper flow and air mixing to get the optimal burn may be comprimised. That said, if it is a residential stove that you cannot change out to a real wok stove, you may need to change the grates you use to get the flame closer to the wok, get a flat bottom wok, or get a wok made of a different material - carbon steel is best, nonstick and aluminum are not "real" woks. Good luck.