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Can a golf cart electric motor be used as a generator in a windmill application? Answered

Hello, all I managed to get a hold of an old electric golf cart motor, and i was just wondering if it's possible to use as a generator. Any help would be much appreciated.


Yes, but you'd probably need quite a large set of blades. L

Thanks Lemonie, is it because it needs to spin at a higher rmp or just the strength of the motor?

. It won't require large blades to work, but, as frollard points out, your generator is probably capable of putting out quite a bit of power. More power out requires more power in - bigger blades. If you only want to run an LED, you won't need the generator's full output, so you won't need as much power in - you can use smaller blades. If you want to use all the power the generator will put out, it will, as L says, require fairly large (by most DIY standards) blades.

Thanks Nacho, All I have right now is 3 48" blades I think I'll give it a shot and see how much power I can get. Won't know till I try it right.

It's a relatively high torque motor - so it needs 'around' the amount of power it would have put out 'input' via the blades to be efficient.

Thankyou frollard that makes sense.