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Can a marble size glass bead be made and vacuum sealed with Hg Liquid Mercury in it? Answered

I'm in need of this one item if it is possible to produce according to goverment documentation discovered after world war 2 and from old experiments done by the captured scientist this is possible was originally intended to be the core of stage 2 anti gravity machine 1 sphear was found and the documents later backed up to be fact that hitler was ingaging in experimental space technology during world war 2 when a U-Boat was discovered with Hg Mercury and many more items relating to the project known as the bell do to the shape of the gravity machine i been researching this since i was extreamly young and recently found last piece i needed to my alchemic equation and i have begun working on a free energy reactor but i need a Marble Size Hollow Glass Bead Filled with Hg Liquid Mercury to be the core for the prototype will pay anyone to make the Glass Bead filled with Hg Liquid Mercury and Vacuum Sealed  for me because i am limmited as to what i can an can not have in the hospital also huge credit will be given to those who help when published It's finally Published here on instructables.com .



7 years ago

Although the premise of this is totally wacky it does raise an interesting question. How could you produce a hollow marble? I was thinking of a small drill to get a hole to the middle and then perhaps acid to eat the core away?

I know that you could take a glass tube and seal both ends and then try to round it out but that is not the same thing. Marbles are made from liquid glass that is rolled between steal rollers into a solid bar and then cut into measured little chunks which are again rolled until they are round. So there would be no way to add air and make them hollow while they are being made. Other than little air bubbles which do happen. Trying to inject air or gas into them while they are still molten would stress the glass and make them shatter when they cool not to mention the altering of the size. Would they perhaps have to be blown? Which might work but then they wouldn't be marbles .

you didn't read carfully enough i said a marble size glass bead

Hi check out this video its a seaglass festival i went to, but i came across your post when searching for info on a seaglass marble that was found... the marble was hollow and inside was whatthey claimed was mercury, it was jiggly and reddish orange inside... it may be what you are looking for but not usable because its been in the ocean so long,,, but it leads me to beleive it could be what you describe seeing germany had strange advanced technology on their submarines etc... that could be why it was in the ocean and washed up on a beach? any way i hope this helps!

Normally a glass "ball" full of something would be made by blowing a glass tube into a sphere of the require size and wall diameter, as for making a thermometer, You would then heat the sphere and put the open end of the tube in the liquid - as the sphere cools the liquid is drawn into the sphere.

Repeating this will gradually fill the sphere and some/all of the tube.

The sphere is then closed off with the flame as it meets the tube sealing the ball. Repeated heating and rolling will form a reasonable sphere

IF the anti gravity machine required perfect spheres in the absence of free fall (gravity still exists in space orbit) you would need to machine the ball by grinding to make a sphere. Such grinding and polishing techniques can be accurate to wavelengths of light (this is how telescope mirrors are made).

After all that very expensive engineering work, effort and cost it still isn't going to produce antigravity.

Einstein described a reasonable model of gravity as the curving of space time by mass. To un-curve it your going to need opposing mass or the great man was wrong all along.

What happens IF you do manage to un-curve space time? Will the effect be local or are we all doomed? ill try not to worry about it ;-)

no worrys i am not continuing that research i just used it to make my own device for energy

I'm presuming he means a glass capsule which is roughly marble-sized. But as I said, he needs to describe _exactly_ what he needs to the engineers he hires to attempt to construct this for him. That includes describing whether the glass wall has to be equal on all sides, whether it has to be annealed or otherwise made free of stresses, whether the mercury has to completely fill the chamber or if a partial vacuum can exist along with it (probably safer, see my thoughts about thermal expansion coefficients), exactly what the masses are, exactly how pure the mercury has to be, exactly which of the many materials known as "glass" would or wouldn't be acceptable...

He says he's willing to pay. Fine. There are lots of firms where you can hire materials and engineering expertise, including some which will handle all the subcontracting for you to bring in expertise they don't have on site. It generally isn't cheap even for something simple, and I don't think this will be simple. But he's going to have to give them a better spec than he gave us, and he's going to have to give them Real Money.to cover their time and expenses.

Obligatory citation at this point:

1. i imagine it could be done as they make mercury filled thermometers.
2. it will be dangerous as Mercury, in particular hot mercury (vapour) is highly toxic - not to say expensive.
2. it won't work :-) Sorry. You will be at best spending considerable money on a possibly interesting experiment

Get several 1/2 pyrex testubes put your Hg in and
use a Map Gas Pro Cylinder flame to seal the tube.
You will need a chalk or other ceramic material support and
you will probably have to do it in stages.
Pyrex can handle a cooler Hg than the upper glass.
As the inventor, I assume you are aware of mercury's dangers.


of course that's why i have a few things on lay away such gas mask goggles and air filters along with the basic universal gas detectors thanks for the info

An exhaust hood would be a good move.  ( 1/2" dia pyrex tube was meant )  


venting mercury vapour into the open air perhaps isn't such a good idea for your family and neighbours/environment??

i know i decided to put this on hold until i could make something that could burn the fumes and use it as fuel for a mini reactor

true but i have to take in to consideration the hospitals enviromental controls they have o2 concentrators and i am not entirly sure how they would be affected by some thing of the calibur


7 years ago

Just in case no one mentioned it, marbles come in many different sizes, so marble size, as a measurement, is not really to accurate.

not entirly true 2 basic sizes mainly the large 1 used to knock around the smaller size ones in which are not that much smaller than the 1s you use to put the game into play but you are right i should have stated the play marble size rather than just saying marble size

The simplest method I can think of is as follows:
1. freeze a mercury sphere for ease of handling
2.create two half hollow spheres (should be simple enough)
3.place mercury in glass
4. apply vacuum
5. melt glass into solid sphere faster than mercury melts and leaks out

Good luck!

now that's not a bad idea i never even considered that would still need something to contain the fumes as it freezes other wise you're going to get a pretty big does of poison but there should be a way around that

it's not the work that's all done like i siad i been working on this for a long time and zero gravity is only needed to create a perfect sphere it's that after years of research i finally finish the work now i can't make the final component because the hospital may not allow me to have the items needed to form the core and this is something that is needed more in todays world than anything else with the things accuring like in japan why you think i said i am going to post it on here i have not much need for money in my condition with my back i mean recently i am making progress to wards leaving but even if i manage to get out because i was borne with this birth defect the state would still continue supporting me just with home care instead of hospital not to mention it could fix the problem that nasa has been having with the laser propulsion systems that require large amounts of energy to just get going let alone keep on going think bout it it's up to use mankind to try to fix the damage we done to the planet it scientist may say it's already too late to reverse it but that's not true as long as there is oxygen and life on earth there will always be a chance to undo what we have done and finding a way around our need to consume harmfull fule that leaves off all this poison in the enviroment is a way to start since we depend on so many viehcles to get around in

the discovery has no dangers and has no way of taking jobs away from anyone and if it doesn't work than the only thing it will do is become a very powerfull light bulb that can't burn out in which case i change the insides to add solar pannels so that it becomes a solar generator the Hg Liquid mercuy becomes less dangerous once the whole system is running even the toxicity of the Hg Mercury becomes far less than it usually would be if it were being handled by hand.

I know how to do this but it must be done in zero gravity. I have been banned from outer space but if you can get me a hall pass I think I might be able to get there.