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Can a solar light be charged indoors? Answered

Hey guys, Can a solar panel like this be charged with indoor lighting, like a calculator is, or does it need to be actual sunlight? Its rainy and cold in Canada, and need to know if I can just sit it on the kitchen table all day (the light is on anyway) and charge it up. Working on a Sun Jar, and have disassembled the outdoor solar light. I want to know if the panel/battery/light is in working order (I found an opened box at H.D. on sale for 1/2 price!) :) Thanks



10 years ago

Any solar cell will generate electricity in any light, but daylight (preferably direct) is better simply because of the colour - it contains more UV etc which is more energetic and can properly kick the electrons about in the cell. If you're just charging it to check the system, bend a bright desk lamp (preferably halogen) to shine on the cell.

Fast EddieKiteman

Reply 10 years ago

Thanks Kite. I'll post up the instructable when I work it all out.