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Can a wind turbine be used to heat a greenhouse? Answered

Hello everyone, just a question to get some ideas. My partner wants a year-round greenhouse. We have the greenhouse ready, but need a way to heat it.I've been reading all the wind power ideas, and I think that will be perfect. My questions is:Can a wind turbine be built with a controller that will power a heater in the green house? If the wind stops, the heater would stop. When the wind blows to start the heater (minimum load) the heater would turn on.Any ideas where to start?Thanks,Jeff?


The answer to your question depends on what size windmill, what size greenhouse, how hot you want it to be and how cold it gets outside.

Wind turbines can be noisy and generally sit on a 30+ foot pole, if you have land and wind they can be good solution for some power problems. If you are in the city or the 'burbs with tract homes you probably can't do it.

Wind turbines are an interesting technology and a vertical axis windmill is easy to construct and space efficient. There may be one or more on here.

I think you're going to end up with a power source (i.e. wind) charging a battery system to provide reliable heat. To minimize consumption you're going to want a thermostat.

In the long run you're best bet is probably a free standing solar panel or two feeding a battery charger connected to a couple of 12V batteries.

I have no relationship with these folks but you might consider something like http://www.solarhome.org/10wattdo-it-yourselfsolarenergykit.aspx

Search the web for 'off-grid' solar solutions and see if you can find something adequate to your task. There's also some small combined heat and power units that generate electricity when the heater is running.

A small single solar panel standalone system with battery backup should provide everything you need. If you have work lights or pumps in the greenhouse you can probably transition them to the off grid systems as well.

Don't you have sun in the day to heat the green house? or does it get too cold?

connect the wires of the wind turbine to electrical heating element. as simple as that incandescent and halogen lamps with reflector are usually good heaters both turbine and heater should be of high watts to make enough heat