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Can an SD card port provide USB power? Answered

I have a device that's designed to get its power from a USB port, but where it mounts there is no port available.  However, there is a fullsize SD card slot.  From what I can tell it *appears* I could rig up an adapter that delivers power to the device through that card slot, but am I reading this correctly?  And more importantly, would this deliver as much power as a USB port?




10 months ago

Hi, what is your device? I'd say that the SD card port does not provide power, it is not supposed to be used as a power source. Maybe you can use a powerbank? So you can plug your device on the USB port of the powerbank, and get suitable power.

Thanks Matlek!

I was afraid this was the case. It's a bank of LEDs, and if I could use this slot it would simplify a few things.

SD cards run from 1.8 to 3.6V depending of mode (card and host do a handshake to agree about protocol details) So you will need a voltage converter. You may even need some kind of microcontroller to do the handshake with the host (by simulating a SD card) to get the host into a useful mode.

And last but not least, the host may or may not be able to supply the needed amount of current.

It's probably not totally impossible, just not as easy as putting some wires between two connectors - and success is not guaranteed.

What other types of ports are there?

No its not possible