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Can an auto generator be used for a windmill? Answered

Can an auto generator be used for a windmill? They spin at high and low rpms and are plentiful.
They generate 12 or more volts here in the U.S.
I am new to this and just trying to cheap out I guess.


Since the mid 1950's cars have not had generators- they have had alternators. and the answer is: YES!

WWW.lindsaybks.com has a couple of DIY manuals on doin' just that and a few other things that you might appreciate !


8 years ago

 Most cars don't have generators any more so you may have trouble finding one. The easiest thing to use is a Permanent Magnet motor such as the kind found in onld 7-track data tape drives. They're usually fairly cheap too. I'd expect to pay about $10.00 for one. Most of the plans I've seen have you building your own from coils of wire and magnets. This is my favorite from here.
If you attempt to use an automotive alternator, you're going to need a complete automotive charging system. This means having a battery to energize the field coils of the alternator and a regulator. The alternator may have the regulator built in.

Yes but it's not going to be the most efficient use of the windmill.  But it's a start.  Maybe use it to get started untill you prove your windmill design then design a more efficient generator.  You really don't want to waste any energy in the process.

Good luck.