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Can an old generator that the motor quit on be used in a wind powered generator? Answered



Best Answer 6 years ago

Yes and no;

wind has a variable 'wild' input speed, and the generator you have probably needs a rather high speed rotation.

Basically it will need a transmission to get a slow (60-300rpm) up to the 1-5000 rpm the generator will need to be in the correct voltage range for the coil design. Problem with an rpm boost like that is you need a lot of starting torque to get it going, and a smaller wind turbine won't cut it.

So, yes, it will work, but the gearbox will be tough to figure out.
Yes, manually turning the generator at whatever speed you can will work but not put out nearly as much as the generator is capable of.

What was / is left of this generator? - you've said very little about it.


It is a Briggs n Stratton that the gas powered motor pooped out on. I haven't torn it apart yet I was curious if it could be used on a wind powered generator

Hmm, yer problem here is that the gas-engine would run it steady. The wind will really need converting to DC and pumping batteries. But that generator should be possible if you can drive it with good-blades.