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Can any one identify these strange pliers? Answered

I have been lent a pair of unusual pliers, and have found them to be incredibly useful for working with wire chains.

I would like to buy a pair, but can not find anything that resembles them, so does anyone have any idea as to what these are called?

Many thanks in advance!


Nippers of end-cut pliers. I use them for grabbing headless nails stuck in wood/cement. Flush cutters for thick hard wire.

that is what I thought at first too. but look at the second picture. the two jaws bypass. so they are not end Nippers. author, would you post a picture with the pliers fully closed?

You're right, didn't look how they closed, maybe hog ring pliers?

hog ring pliers close a ring onto piggy nose. This opens a ring.

So. It is a hog de-ringing plier.

Hi Guys, I believe I have found the Kind of 'Plier' these are...

As Toga_Dan mentions, yes the jaws do slide against each other, after doing a fair bit of searching I found these;


I think these are the closest to what I'm looking for.

Unfortunately I have now given the pliers back to the person from whom I was borrowing them, so no more photos can be taken.

Thanks very much for all the comments!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!