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Can anybody help me hack my capresso 453 coffee maker so that it makes coffee hotter than it does? Answered

 We love our Capresso 453 grind and brew coffee maker but the coffee comes out about 15-20 degrees cooler than it should. We replaced the first one immediately but had the same problem with the second one. It appears to be a common problem with these units and we're out of warranty. I'm reasonably handy but I can't seem to find someone else frustrated enough with the knowledge to tell me how.


There will be two components on the boiler, a thermostat which will be rated to just below 100C, this will most likely be a bi-metallic disc that bends to cut power or activate other components as a result of thermal stress mismatches. There will also be a thermal fuse which acts as a back up in the event of thermostat failure (cuts power and stops device entirely). If you bridge the thermostat with a simple toggle switch you should be able to control when the power to the boiler stops. Failing this you would need to replace the thermostat with a higher rated component. In either eventuality the thermal fuse will most likely be rated lower than the temperature that you require and would cut-out if you modified the thermostat in this way. This is how to modify the circuit but I highly reccommend that you DO NOT do this as it is dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Please talk to your manufacturer and explain the situation.

As far as I understand these things they run on boiling water, the machine cannot boil water 15-20o cooler than it should- what altitude do you live at?



8 years ago

The first thing I would do is call the manufacturer and raise hell about it, regardless of the warranty's expiration. This is especially true since this is an obvious manufacturer's defect. Two identical machines with the exact same problem. You might get lucky.
If that fails, I don't know if replacement parts are available but I would guess that either the thermostat or the heating element is defective. Anything short of a direct replacement part would probably be iffy at best.
I use a stainless steel, carafe style French press for my coffee. No electrical parts to break down and I decide how strong and hot I want it.

Besides the obvious safety concern - if it holds any pressure it might be a bad idea to disable any temperature control circuits - but thats up to you.

Somewhere inside there, hooked up in series with the heating element will be a thermostat - and if you're lucky it'll be adjustable.  Unfortunately however, they're usually set for a specific temperature.

Youc an do a few things - separate the thermostat from the container its designed to sense - so it doesnt cut the power.  Trouble is it might get...a lot hotter, and burn your house down.

Presumably its controlled by a (crappy) thermostat somewhere ? You MIGHT be able to replace it with an adjustable one, but not knowing the equipment, I can't really comment without some pictures.