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Can anyone define me time in a specific and scientific way ? What is time ? Answered



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Is time is a measure of motion ?
Imagine ( a grand father clock with a pendulum tick tock ).
Or is motion a measure of time ?
Imagine ( standing near a railroad holding a stop watch which you click
as a train comes by and click again when the train leaves ).


Dude i dint get the train part, what did u mean by that ? n is this the ans to my question ? i dont thnk so... ur just comparing time but not defining it

An older then you, Second City comedy routine about
"is time a measure of motion ?" or
"is motion a measure of time ?"

The best answer here is Kiteman's
""Time" is what stops everything happening at once."

Better then a dimension

Although C the speed of light is distance traveled per time, depends on time
but is always the same irrespective of your own rate of travel.
Tricky thing TIME

Ya r8, n thanx fr ur ans, im vry pleased n satisfied with it.... i loved ur ans
"Time" is what stops everything happening at once." N ur r8 with tht time n displacement thng.......... i feel d same

From wikipedia:

Time is a part of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change such as the motions of objects.[1] The temporal position of events with respect to the transitory present is continually changing; events happen, then are located further and further in the past. Time has been a major subject of religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a non-controversial manner applicable to all fields of study has consistently eluded the greatest scholars. A simple definition states that "time is what clocks measure".


i dont think that u've answered to my satisfactory... the answer u hav given is not the 1 for my question... i asked what is time and not its applications ? Did u get what i mean ?

that is a specific and scientific definition. If you already have the answer, then why are you asking? Time's application isn't there to measure the durations of events. Events exist in time.

i dont kno d ans thts y im asking my elders n d ones more experienced to me... Anyways thank you fr d information u've provided me... it wil help me in my theory abt time

Time is the stuff you measure with a clock. Space is what you measure with a tape measure.  That answer is correct, but too easy. 

So what is a clock? A clock is an oscillator and a counter.  The oscillator cycle back and forth, and the counter counts each cycle.  Then the changing number on the counter, which measures the cycling of the oscillator,  is assumed to be an indicator of the passage of time.

A great many things in nature seem to occur in cycles.  That is to say they do the same thing over and over again.

For example: The sun moves across the sky during the day.  Then at night, the stars move across the sky.  Then the cycle repeats.

The seasons change, from winter to spring to summer to fall.

So naturally the first "clock" ever invented was probably a calender, simply a counting of the passage of days.

But other events are cyclical too, things like swinging pendulums, the peaks and troughs of the sounds produced by musical instruments, the voltages and currents in an electronic oscillator, or even a woman's menstrual cycle .  Anything that produces a periodic (cyclical) signal, is essentially an oscillator, and could be used to build a clock, and thus measure the passage of time (the stuff you measure with a clock) as I have defined it.

Also there are other kinds of signals that are not periodic, but they can be expected to change in predictable ways in predictable amounts of time (the stuff you measure with a clock).  Some examples of these signals include:  the amount of time it takes for human gestation, the amount of time it takes paint to dry, the half-life of carbon-14. 

There are a lot of things that seem to change with time, that is as the clock keeps ticking.  The study of systems that change with time is called Dynamics. 

About 100 years ago, a physicist named Albert Einstein, suggested a theory explaining how time and space are related to each other, and maybe two aspects of a single thing, called "spacetime"

In summary, I'm not really sure what time is, but it seems to be something shared in common by all the predictable changing things I've mentioned, especially clocks.

u r absolutely right but u dint answer me for my question.... my question is "what is time ?", ur answering how do v use time to calculate stuff n othr thngs... its like i asked u whats a scale n ur telling me its uses without defining it ? dont u thnk so ?

I can only guess at what time actually is.  It seems to be something fundamental to the structure of our universe.  Everything that can be perceived, seems to exist in space and in time

I tend to think of it this way:  The universe is like a board game, like chess, or checkers, or Monopoly(r), or something like that.  Time and space are the "board" on which the game is played.  Matter and energy are the "pieces" of this game.  The reason the board exists, is so you have some place to put the pieces.  Similarly that's why time and space exist, so you have some uh... "place" to put the matter and energy.

But that's just an analogy.

Besides, you wanted a "scientific" explanation. Science is based in observation, and that is why my previous answer is mostly a list of ways to observe time, or perhaps just  pieces of evidence suggesting there is such a thing as time.

I imagine you already have some sort of working knowledge of time, one that is sufficient to get you to work or school at the same "time" everyone else does, and you remember, and anticipate,  your own birthday and stuff like that. So in that sense, you already know what time is.  

Similarly, there are lot of people out there who know how to drive a car, but do not know how to repair one.  If you asked any one of these people if he or she knows what a car is, you would probably get an answer in the affirmative.  But obviously their knowledge of cars is incomplete. Actually even people who don't know how to drive a car, or fix one, will probably tell you that they know what a car is.

What I am saying is that I think you already know something about what time is, but you do not know everything.  For deeper answers, maybe you could learn about Relativity and Quantum Physics.

Or maybe you could read some of the popular science books written by theoretical physicists, like Hawking's Brief History of Time, or Greene's Elegant Universe.

I think both of those books have something to say about the nature of time.

Or you could design some experiments of your own, thought experiments, or real experiments, to answer this question of What is time?

Thank u fr such an explaination im pleased... but according to wht i hv observed is tht time is displacement, but this theory of m9 fails to explain y do v age with time ? or in my theory y or hw do v age with displacement ?
One more thng i observed abt time is tht it is different for evry like creatures.... for eg.A turtle wil c thngs around him go fast while a fly or an insect wil c thngs go slow..... also a turtle's age is much greater than any insect.so for different thngs time is different, its slow fr d faster objects in d universe n slower fr d faster objects.this also derives an interesting fact of space n time, in wich an isolated n vaccum chamber kept at a constant temperature n pressure stil in any part of d universe without moving it, wil make it change time.according to me, if any1 enters this chamber n sees outside through it wil c evrythng go at lightening fast speeds, bcoz d time inside d chamber wil b stopped bcoz thrs no displacement taking place.... but i dont thnk its possible to stabalise any object ths way, but if nt stabalise thn atleast reduce its speed in d universe, it wil fasten time n wrkng of d entire universe, but d obk=ject wud age vry slowly.... thnk abt it, i thnk tht im r8 with ths theory.hope i got to share sum of my knowledge with u

"Time" is what stops everything happening at once.

Obvious troll is obvious.

Time is the interval between two events.


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People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect. But actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey... stuff.


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Its what no one ever has enough of but some have to much of.

Correct. Time is money. :)