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Can anyone design a device that would interfere with cars stereos within 10 feet or more? Answered

Can anyone design a device that would interfere with cars stereos within 10 feet or more?Yes, I would like to bother back the drivers who play the music so loud that they wake up my kids sleeping in our car, as they drive by.Any idea is appreciated.
If I can get my music in their stereos, even better, but if I would just get white noise in their stereos would be great.


Such a device would be illegal.

According to local laws, about music from cars:"if the sound generated by the device is clearly audible to a person with normal hearing at a distance greater than 75 feet"...is illegal.
So...anyone can design such a device?For theoretical purposes...only.

Even if you are responding to a crime, jamming broadcasts is still illegal. You would not just be jamming the noisy cars, but all the quiet cars and home radios in the area.

If they have committed an offence, the only legal responses you are allowed to take are to either ask them nicely to stop, or report them to the police (it would be useful for the purposes of evidence if you videoed the offenders and made sure you got a clear shot of the licence plate and a clear recording of the noise levels).

A jammer would be pointless, anyway, as most loud car stereos are playing recorded music.

I didn't notice this a "legal advice" site, I was looking for "Technology, gadgets". You missed the point.

Just wanted to interject here... by giving you legal advice, he is hoping to save you some MAJOR fines. As a consumer, you are governed by part 15 of the FCC rules and regulations. This sates that your device 1. must accept any interference received, and 2. may not give off any harmful interference. (Such as jamming a radio). The FCC fines are much more than traffic fines, and they are much better patrolled.

I agree with you that people breaking the law about their loud music should have consequences, but I don't agree with your methods. Reason being that A. As stated before, most people use a CD or other form of non-broadcasted media, and B. It's not your place to determine the consequences. Try to just complain to local police. A lot of the time they don't do anything unless someone complains.

Realize that the instructables community is just trying to help you. There is no reason to insult them.

The point is that the community rarely hands out advice on committing illegal acts (cf the regular requests for instructions on hacking passwords).

Giving advice that would assist in the commission of a crime is itself a crime.

That statement sounds a bit odd. Did you make it up or is it a law where you come from? There are plenty of instructions on here that could assist in the commission of crimes, especially when the info crosses boarders that may have different laws.

You can use a banana in a crime, but it was not grown with the specific intent of selling it to a person who will use it to pretend they have a gun in their pocket when they go in a bank.

You are asking for people to give you information in the knowledge that the information will be used in a criminal act. Depending how the courts choose to interpret it, that would be either conspiracy or aiding and abetting.

Distilling alcohol is a criminal act here, and in many other places. Home made pyrotechnics, butterfly knives, crossbows, hidden knife blades that pop out of your sleeve... a crime just to posses these items here. You don't have to use them to break the law.

I'm not saying that you are wrong, I believe the querant might use such a device if it was available. Would that be wrong? Legally - yes, morally - perhaps not. It couldn't be easily done anyway, if at all, but what are ya gonna do? Should we decide who gets to know what? I think yes, but that's kind of discriminatory. Sorry to raise your ire, no hard feelings, aye?

Your first paragraph is what I'm saying - those projects are given in the expectation that anybody reading them would only follow them if it was legal in their area.

However, what the author is basically saying is "I wish to commit a crime, please help me".

I see that you go on a different direction.When a car that has a bass that's making my car to vibrate(and it's a 1 year old car, not a rattling junk), if their music would become a white noise, or anything but their music, they would turn it down as it would bother them too.That's what I was looking for!!!And it is not a radio transmitter, because the part where the signal should infiltrate is the amplifier. And I am aware of the shielding and the ground off the shielding, but...all electronic devices are built to not to transmit but to receive interferences, even if this is causing problems in functioning.I have an electronic diploma, but I didn't work in this field, I'm electrician.So, again, my question was more about how can the grounded shielding/case be penetrated by any interference.I was expecting answers about the high energy required and directionality problem but seems to me that most of the people who answered the question, are just filling their free time and have no clue about what I'm talking about.
Thank you to those who do understand the subject and answered.

I would suggest from your own admission that regardless of any other consideration you don't, as yet, have the skill level necessary to build such a device. RF transmitters are fiendishly difficult to get working without knowledge and or a good set of test equipment.

Oh and as said most are playing CD's anyway.

If they're playing radio you could build an illegal-transmitter. But you'd have to tune it to their frequency, which would mean keeping up with them until you figured-out which station they were on first...
Forget it, no.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Yes, but you must remember the offensive sounds are coming from cars whose electronics are usually double shielded by metal
( car-skin and High-FY enclosure ). To get through these shields would
require a very large energy source, which even if directed to the abusive
target would reflect and cause devastation in the area including you.

Wait for serious nanobots that could be launched with a CO2 paint gun.
Splat on target and slowly worm their way into electronics.

But, you might try replacing the RF structure in a Cantanna with
a spark plug. I know this upsets RF measuring instruments,
maybe it can link into a cars speaker wiring.



6 years ago

It's called a shotgun, however you need to use it with great discretion.