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Can anyone explain why the Jonas Brothers are so famous? Answered

I want a couple of answers why the Jonas Brothers and there little talent got so famous when at first they were not that known and famous? I just need answers PLEASE COMENT!!!!


Relentless Target Marketing- the art and science(yes science) of convincing non-thoughtful people they have a need they didn't know they had. Guard yourself against this sort of thing, you'll be happier. (and you have less clutter around).

well its not because of their singing its cuz girls think their hot which makes them love their music

Not sure who the Jonas brothers are but if Paris Hilton can become famous.....

well that makes sence i don't think shes famous for really anything.

Watch the jonas brothers episode of South Park, that should clear it up.

Disney is a very powerful promoter and I am sure that they are sponsored and marketed by Disney.

Two words: Targeted Marketing


9 years ago

Cute boys with good marketing.

probably becuase lots of girls think they're cute.