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Can anyone give me a good instructable on how to make a slingshot out of wood? Answered

 Can anyone give me an instructable on how to make a slingshot that shoots rocks far and caone that can fit in your pocket? Whenever I make one, It turns out to be a disaster. I tried to find some wood and cut it with a knife. But, It was too hard. Can you help me? Thanks.


I can't give you an instructible, but I can tell you how to make it. Go into the bush and find yourself a good sized fork off a tree, use your own judgment here. Then cut it off longer than the length you want, handle wise, probably cut the same amount off each of the prongs, just for convenience. Take it home and wait for it to dry. Then cut the handle to the length you want it and cut the prongs to about 100mm each. Then get some bicycle inner tube and cut the 2 pieces to about 200mm each. Tie the each segment securely to the prongs and then tie the other end through a hole in a piece of leather.
That's how I made mine.

 There are a couple of wooden ones here and here, and if you're having trouble cutting the wood, there is one made of PVC as well as piano wire that may be good options for you.

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