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Can anyone give me ideas on how to make a strawberry grower ? Answered

a large pot with pockets for the plants


I personally have a terracotta strawberry tower. It's a terracotta pipe with holes in the sides to poke the plants in to. I'm definitely going to make one of these next year though and make an 'ible on it if no one else does first....

hey i did thid this past spring and it works great heres what you do 1. Get a canvas bag in a medium color like tan 2. Starting at the top measure 3 1/2 inches again and again to the bottom 3. Then mark those lines across the bag and divide into three sections each 4. cut the outer sections of each line into a slit 5. fill with dirt and put plants thru holes you can plants in the top as well either way put straw or sawdust on top to conserve water 6. hang on a sturdy nail in a semi sunny spot