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Can anyone give me tips for Game Art? Answered

I am enrolling in a course called Game Art at TAFE SA and I know nothing about 3D modeling which, as far as I can tell, is the main part of the course. I am good at (and enjoy) both art and games so I figured this would be a good course/career path to choose. I have to submit a portfolio of original artworks including drawing, observational and digital work. Is 3D modeling difficult? Is anyone on instructables a game artist or similar profession? What works should i do for my portfolio to get the best chance of getting into the course? Do i need to know programing or difficult mathematics? 
Any help will be appreciated



Best Answer 7 years ago

Depends on the operation these days: Some developers do it all - modelling, programming, texturing, playtesting, etc...

Others, compartmentalize it. You'l get someone who JUST textures stuff, or JUST makes wire mesh models. Is it a good thing to have a vague understanding of all the jobs involved? Yes.

As for what to include in a portfolio, be sure to include an array of stuff that showcases the best of each of your talents or styles.

questions answered in order from a programmer who works on game creation:
-3D modeling is both easy and extremely difficult simultaneously. It allows a good medium and can be very easy to get ideas down but the technicality of it is incredibly difficult.
-I am not a professional.
-Put lots of what you are good at, and probably some basic 3d modeling. If you are really really good at drawing on paper in 3d or making sculptures they would probably like that.
-Programming is *nice* but not *necessary*. (I would reccamend learning python because blender and cinema 4d both use it for scripting and it is pretty easily -link to an instructable i wrote on my profile)
-Advanced mathematics is not required, the people who do the programming do all that type of stuff, and many times programmers will get some sort of math wiz to do it for them.

3D modelling is quite difficult. Its not something you can just walk into and become proficient in. One of the free modellers that I'm trying to get used to is Blender. If you're looking for a good guide on how to model I have a link for you: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro. Next school year I'll be taking CAD classes so I'm trying to get used to modelling.

Frollard is correct but I thought I would add my thoughts too.

The hardest part about modeling is learning the program. Since you're taking a class, it should be pretty enjoyable. I taught myself how to use XSI over the summer, and I'm taking a class that teaches Maya next year.

Anyway, no one in the game industry really needs a math knowledge beyond trig and calculus, and the ones who do are usually engine coders. You won't need it or programming to take this class, but if you know how to code (even just a little) it makes you 10 times more marketable.