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Can anyone give some simple tips on how to build small plastic enclosures for electronics projects? Answered

I have so many ideas for things I'd like to build but anywhere beyond the electronics I'm resorting to duct tape and cardboard. Where can I get plastics? What's the best way to cut it and glue it?



7 years ago

You can make an enclosure out of just about anything. It doesn't even have to be rectangular. You can use anything from an empty deodorant container to broken power tools. Your best friend when doing this is a dremel and an X-acto knife.

Tic tac boxes.

Not sure what size you need but.... Videocassette boxes Audio cassette tape boxes Plastic chewing gum boxes (Ice Breakers) A few different sizes to start with. Obsolete electronics can sometimes provide enclosures that are kinda unique also (old radios or cassette players).

If you just need some quick enclosures to put small projects in try tupperware and plastic sandwich boxes that you can get at the grocery store. Cheap, water tight (till you drill the holes) and non conductive.

Unless you need some outlandish shape, its usually better to just buy plastic project boxes, rather than make them. Bought boxes can have features like PCB slides, and battery compartments. Its hard to match them with home-made, without access to some serious machinery,