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Can anyone help me design a simple stereo electret mic circuit that has a female 3.5mm jack? Answered

I'm new to electronics but in love with it and I have looked around, my cat tends to chew wires, so I wanted to make it easy to replace just the wire in case it happens again. I want to make a mic circuit without the use of IC's but I do have a 555 timer on hand if absolutely necessary. It doesn't have to be stereo because I am new to the hobby and can work with just the single mic at first and learn to upgrade it later. Any help in this would be great because I can't find a simple circuit to accomplish my needs here. I need a mic for my computer and I decided I'd learn more by building one than I would by purchasing one.


Attached is a picture of what I found the last time I took apart a electret type microphone intended to be connected to a computer sound card.

I'm not totally sure why the mic I took apart has that diode there, and it may be possible to leave out the diode, and have it still work.

The components that bias the electret mic, and the DC blocking capacitor, those are somewhere inside the sound card, and the second picture is sort of a guess at what those look like.

This is a topic that has been asked of the Answers forum before, and those pictures are from the last time I answered such questions, although I am having trouble finding link to the record of me answering these (alleged) previous questions.


Are you trying to modify a USB mic or one that plugs into the 3.5mm mic jack on the back of the PC?

If your using a USB mike you'll want to get a mini-USB female connector to attach to the mice itself. (Make sure you get the wires soldered correctly. Power and ground will be red and black as usual. Then you have the 2 data wires that are typically green and white. USB wire diagrams are easy to find online.) Then you can use any common mini USB cable to connect the mic to the PC.

But this solution is allot easier and more fun IMHO. Find a spare PC power cable and zip tie it to the mic cable. Now if the cat chews it it will get a nasty shock. If the cat lives he won't be chewing on the wire anymore.

You don't need any circuit to make a mic and cable.

Well I tried straight wiring it to use it on my computer but that didn't work I figured it'd be easier to lay it out on general use pcb but I wanted to use a female 3.5mm jack too which I am pulling from a sound card so I kinda needed the circuit layout to do that, maybe even wanted to stick a red led on it so that I know when its active/ whether or not the circuit is working. Mostly allowing for the use of 2 mics later so I can have stereo recording just so I know I'll be heard. But the mic I have I pulled from a cell phone.