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Can anyone help me hack the joystick for my electric wheelchair for more power? Answered

I've looked everywhere for help on this but can't find an answer. I purchased a Meritt's Regal 310 electric wheelchair that uses a Dynamic DL 5.2i joystick.

I've added a quick clip showing the inside of my electric wheelchair controller "DL 5.2i" by Dynamic. If anyone knows how to manually tweak it to provide more power to the motors, please let me know. I've already had a guy from a resale shop try to adjust it with the corresponding handheld device with no luck.
I transformed the chair into a portable transport, with room to haul stuff as well as attach a trailing cart for additional items. It works great but has a hard time going up hillls.
Thanks, T


If it is possible, the manufacturer would know. Just find the manufacturer's phone number on google and give them a call. Ask for the repair department. If there is any kind of code or adjustment that can be made, they will know and they will possibly tell you. I wouldn't try to modify it beyond what the manufacturer designed it to do... for the reasons RickHarris listed. It would be better to sell it and then purchase a chair that does what you want it to do.

it may be maxed out, you need to get an ammeter on the actual motor current, and a voltmeter on the actual motor volts.


Thanks for the response however the manufacturing Company stated that it can be programmed to go at least 40% faster as well as double the torque with a larger draw on the battery of course. I went to a repair facility to use their handheld programmer to do just that but my device was not recognized. I'm not talking I need forklift power. Just something reasonable. 1mile an hour uphill is just not cutting it.

No because that's not how it works.

The road speed is set by the gearing of the motor.

The motor will have an RPM that gives best battery life, gearing will have been chosen to give you a safe road speed at that RPM.

Your limited to the amount of power available by the wattage of the motors.

It's like expecting a small saloon car to pull a huge trailer. - It can't because there isn't enough engine power available - Making an electric motor work harder simply makes it hot and eventually burn out.