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Can anyone help me in designing a lignt chaser using SCR or triac? Answered

I want to make a light chaser (240v bulb) using 555 4017 and SCR or TRIAC. Can any one help me doning this or have any reference schematic.


If you can't do it without asking, you really need toquestion trying to use mains electricity. Start simple and stick to LEDs

Thanks for the answer. I am actually new to the usage of scr s and triacs ,I came to know that scr s function well in ac. I don't know how to use big no. of leds with scr. Do guide me.

What he's saying is ...learn to make an led chaser with 555 and 4017. When you can do that you can hook up your scrs.

How many LEDS? I doubt you need the SCR at all - 555 timer, 4017 decade counter or two or three or more and if you need bright LEDS a transistor to drive a suitable LED.

This is Soooo much easier to do with LEDs are the mains lamps essential?

many circuits