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Can anyone help me making cnc controller?? Answered

I want to make a cnc, I have bipolar stepper motors and l293d ics can anyone help me making the pcb layout board for bipolar cnc controller with db25 connector(printer port). I have tried making my own but it didn't work. So plz help me out. 



There are kits available if your search around, or you can buy a DIY setup.

I doubt that it is practical for anyone to actually give you hands on help unless by chance they live down the street from you.

You need to look at why your efforts didn't work and fix it. That's why it's better to work from a known good plan.


6 years ago

If you're just starting out, you might want to look at the EasyDriver boards by Brian Schmaltz. They are basically miniature controllers for one bipolar stepper motor based on a specialized stepper controller IC by Allegro - A3967. You'd have to have one of these per each  axis of movement in your CNC setup. They take the STEP/DIRECTION/ENABLE output of a CNC software like EMC2 right through that printer port - connected DB25 and produce the stepping sequence (and microsteps if you need them, too) and so you don't need an additional MCU to drive the motors. I'm using them in the very same way in my DIY laser cutter project.  They cost about $12-$15 each and are sold all over the Net.  Also, they are made in a breadboard-friendly format, so you can just unplug them when you're done playing with one project and transfer them to the next :)