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Can anyone help me program this 8x1 LCD with Arduino? Answered

I'm having trouble programming this 8x1 character LCD. It's not compatible with the Arduino's LiquidCrystal library. The manufacturer failed to give a detailed datasheet.

This is the supplier of the product: click

Here's the Pin Map (according to supplier) :
1.) Gnd
2.) VDD (3.3v)
3.) CS Input
4.) SCL - clock signal input
5.) SI - data input
6.) /RES - reset signal
7.) Backlight Anode (3.3v)
8.) Backlight Cathode (Gnd)




3 years ago

See what kind of IC chips are on the back of the PCB then try the initialization used by similar LCDs.

Personally I would NEVER EVER buy a pig in a poke like an

LCD without data !..!..!..!!!


I hope you salvaged this from something. Go buy your self a classic 16X2 LCD. most of them have the HD44780 Driver on back. Plenty of Liberaries and Documentation out there !

I actually have six of them, the 16x2 (HD44780 based) LCDs and I had experience over them. I really need the 8x1 LCD because of it's small and uses only 3 digital pins (perfect for compact robots).

Well all I can offer is it will be using some sort of a Shift Register to store and Display Values. Just Pump some random code in and see what happens :P I'm facing a similar situation with a VFD I pulled out of a Amp.

Like Iceng Said, we need some Numbers to work with. The Tag on the Chip is a minimum requirement.

The store where I bought this made it work with an ATmega328 and you can never resist the $1 price tag. The store is a bit distant form where I live, I'll just go there next month and ask them for a datasheet or reading resources.

"I'd buy that for a dollar"

OK, understandable, Best of luck to you :P

Iv used 8 bit versions and two step 4 bit modified but prefer serial

Parallax.com http://www.parallax.com/ sells serial input LCDs but not for a dollar.