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Can anyone help me turn a dell axim into an e-reader? Answered

I want to buy a dell axim x50 or x30 and turn it into an ereader as well as take notes on it at school.


Download a copy of Kindle for PC and Caliber to convert files to Kindle format.

Or look for books available in forms which you can easily read with the software already on your machine, or easily convert to those forms.

(I have four of Rudy Rucker's novels on my palmtop because he made them available for download and I was able to massage them into a format which the portable box's word processor could handle.)

Perfect answer!

I've got a kindle but use the Kindle for Pc at the office and it works perfectly.

It's even free.

I have turned a Axim X5 into an e-reader I used Calibre software to change all the book formats to *.lit and installed Microsoft Reader onto the Axim (which it runs native). I paid about 50 bucks and I got a charging station, and 2 extra batteries. SD and CF cards not included. I've used it successfully for over 2 years.