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Can anyone help me with making a small EMP device? Answered

I want to be able to build an EMP device that can scramble other small electronic devices.




Best Answer 9 years ago

I think you could just do it by charging a capacitor bank (Not sure of the joules required, possible around 30?) the discharge it through an electro magnet through a very powerful relay, if you look at this instructable article https://www.instructables.com/id/DC_to_DC_Boost_Converter_1/ that would work for a power supply for the capacitor and for the coil, use magnet wire or copper wire such as 20awg or so (im not sure if that would be thick enough) around a iron based core. connect a parabolic reflector to the end (or just a metal dog food bowl etc.) and that might work, not saying it will because i haven't tried it :p


9 years ago

You know, that is quite illegal...

i made 20 kv emp device which can fry incandescent bulbs, mobiles, and all electronic devices. But dont know dat is illegal.

Why would a small EMP-device be illegal? For what reason?

At the very least, it violates most FCC regulations about interference-causing devices. In general, an EMP is designed only to cause damage to other equipment, and is therefore considered a weapon.

Not necessarily, they can be used to wipe data that you don't want. It causes harm still but for a good purpose. Could you use that as an excuse. Like I have an electromagnet for wiping tapes, it is really cool just so you know, I got it stuck to a folding chair and warped it.

I see .. yes .. very good .. indeed very useful .. moah .. oha .. moah AH HA HA HA HAAAA!!!

Ask the governments of the world. They are the ones who outlawed it.

Hmm .. guessing someone doesn't want people to have that then unlike semiautomatics and revolver which are completely harmless.

Yes I do but its for research purposes only. I am doing a research paper on electromagnetic fields and I thought it would be cool to actually build a working EMP device for a demonstration....I guess it's a bit of a high strung idea but I know it would get me extra marks. _ I'll have to find another project then...any other suggestions? Magnet related ones that is..?

Just because it's illegal doesn't mean you can't do it in a controlled environment. ;) I suppose the best way would be to discharge a massive capacitor bank into an electromagnet. I suppose you could also build a coil gun (gauss gun) or a rail gun using much of the same materials...

The best way to do it is demonstrate inside a faraday cage... no interference with anything outside of the cage...rite! And it is technically possible to build a directional EMP also... i think the faraday cage is easier... just put chicken wire around (all the way) and ground it

No problem! Just be careful - aside from the usual warnings about firearms, the capacitor bank will be storing lethal amounts of power. Make sure all the components, wires and other parts can handle the current. Build in safety features (especially important if this is a school project!) and use safe handling and operation procedures.

I'm writing up my safety checklist right now. If this project is successful you will be sure to see it posted here on Instructables. I practically live on this website!

Much obliged my friend. I think a coil gun would be a great alternative. I can't believe I didn't think of it before. The principles are very similar. Thanks

Its only illegal if you get caught. 20% of Instructables are illegal seriously... (well its probably close to 20%)

Well no, it's still illegal whether you get caught or not. It's only punishable if you get caught. ;)


5 years ago

I would like to have a small emp device. I am willing to pay for all the expenses. Please let me know if someone can help.

there are two types of EMP devices..the easy one is just a modded LC Oscillator circuit...that's the version Pyrohaz is describing..the other one is much more powerful, flux compressor...Which is prolly more powerful than you need..(or should have!)..

as for the illegality...the LC version probably won't be strong enough to be detected...especially since it usually uses a parabolic dish to focus everything to a point....

but if you create one big enough...just be sure to put it in a Faraday cage (chicken coop cage, essentially)...to make sure you don't turn any heads..safer too...

but still..inductor coils are dangerous! lots of heart stopping current...tread lightly. also capacitors that big are no toy either..but i assume you know what your doing.

wire around a steel drum, with HUGE capacitors
(huge in power uf and volts)

I'm not sure you read my question right. I want a small EMP device and I think I've decided on what to do now. I'm going to go with the coil gun idea suggested by jeff-o.

You can buy plans and kits here. Local laws may still apply.