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Can anyone help me with this vocal canceller circuit diagram? Answered

1. I am a little bit blur with the Variable resistor part , must connect all three pin?
2. What about the left and right input's ground must connect to the ground in the circuit ?


Yes. The variable resistor uses all 3 leads. The variable resistor acts as a voltage divider so the outer leads of the variable resistor need to connect to Pin 1 on the IC and Ground. The middle lead connects to R3.

Yes ground in this circuit is a common ground. SO the audio channel grounds need to be tied to the common ground. Same goes for the ground of the output.

Thank You !! mpilchfamily i have another thing make confuse . the +9v part have two resistor and one pin from the variable resistor how to connect them ?

Probelm with choosing a best answer before all your questions are answered is it disables the reply button.

Anyway to answer your next question you hook them up just like you see it. Your 9V power source connects to R7, R7 connects to R8, and R8 connects to ground. As you already know one of the leads on the pot connects to ground as well.

I'm guessing your still learning to read a schematic?

YeAH i am actually completely newbie.
Thanks for teaching me !