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Can anyone help with getting a stepper motor up and running? Answered

I am looking to use a stepper motor for a project I am about to start. I have never used a stepper motor before but it looks the best solution for the job. I have a small stepper motor (Unipolar 18 deg stepper motor,12V 0.4W 170Ω) and a controller (Linear stepper motor controller,350mA).

I want to hook the motor up to two momentary switches where the press of one switch turns the motor one turn in one direction and the other switch turns the motor one turn opposite. 

Do I need to get a drive board? Do I have to link through a controller? 

Any help at all will be most appreciative.


These days I'd be inclined to use a processor to do it, but you could use logic gates to do what you want tool. You need a flip-flop and a clock source, like a 555. Press one button, sets flip-flop, output goes to stepper controller direction pin, motor turns one way, press other button, reset flip flop, motor turns other way.

a better w9ay 9would be u3sing prallel ports3 from your computer and u3se the s3oftw9are lalim to control it. i've made flyback driver3s w9ith it and als3o a s3tepper motor driver


7 years ago

The board your looking at will drive a stepper, but it needs something to talk TTL to it in order to tell it to move. You wont be able to plug monetary switches into the linear stepper motor controller.

Not to sounds newbish, but the best thing to would be get an arduino rather than the stepper controller. That controller is rated for <350mA per phase, the aduino with a darlington array should be able to handle much more then that and give you much more flexibility.


The controller you are buying should work.

It's set up to work with logic signals already.  You need to use something like an arduino to provide the logic signals and do the limit checking or rotation counting.