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Can anyone identify the insignia or badge on this Onyx ring and what it represented? Answered

This ring was part of some jewelry that belonged to my mother, born in Dallas, Texas in 1910.  Her family (mostly Presbyterian) and ancestors lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota and Britain.  I wondered if it was a Christian Church or school, because of the cross and candelabra. It is small and was likely a lady's ring.



the cross probably is a version of Presbyterian church.

the presbiterian college use a little bit similar design for the shape of the ring.


the picture is not focused. so i can not see the details properly.

Almost looks like a code of arms but not in the usual shape.
As Iceng said, clearer and more detailed pics would be great.


6 months ago

A better picture + side view and an inside view then a jewelers mark and any inscription ?