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Can anyone identify this item? ? Answered

some German toy of some sorts with a swastika on the little bag there and its like he is running to the bathroom or something...
any info on this would be great.


pics of the item


For more relevant expertise, try:



Or maybe ...


These are the searches I did.

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antique japanese porcelain dolls

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antique asian porcelain knick knack

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antique japanese porcelain knick knack

I found many close to it but not it.

Since the symbol on it looks Asian to me I would say it is an Asian porcelain figurine or knick knack.


That's not german, swastikas are illegal since the war and its facing the wrong way. In korea that symbol is used for Budist temples


4 years ago

I don't think that is German, I believe it is Asian. The resolution of the picture isn't clear enough to be certain but symbol on the bag doesn't look like a swastika to me. I think it is an Asian glyph, Korean perhaps, hard to say for sure.