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Can anyone identify this old tool found in a barn? Answered

Metal and wood with a chrome finish.  Makes a very LOUD clicking noise when the handle is cranked.  Handheld.




Best Answer 7 years ago

I'm also not sure what's the name of this item. It's called "Ratsche" in Austria and Germany, so I assume its translation is Ratchet but it has also different names.
Mostly it's used to make noise (sometimes also Music).
In Austria and Germany it's also used within celebrations like Easter or the equivalent to Halloween.

You'll find further information at:
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratsche (German)

Also interesting is, that the Ratchet is used by some Musicians in their compositions.
e.g.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carmina_Burana_(Orff)

This is definitely a musical instrument often called a "ratchet" by composers. I am a percussionist and have used this instrument in a number of compositions. The clamp on the side is used to secure it to a stand for one handed playing. I don't have a link right now but these can still be bought brand new at any musical supply store in the percussion or kids section.

In world war one a ratchet noise maker was used to warn of a gas attack. I've seen several made of wood but never of iron. Are there any markings on the device?

As an educated guess it's a bird scarer. I am assuming that when you turn the handle it makes a loud noise like what in the UK we used to call a football rattle - irritating long before the vuvuzela was invented.

Its an instrument not a tool, You turn the handle and it makes noise, right? I'm not sure what its called, but I remember using on in 3rd grade music. :)

I can't identify it. I tried three different Google Images searches, with no success. I have moved the classification to Workshop:Tools, and have Featured the question in Workshop, to give it greater visibility.

Do you believe that it is a complete tool/device, or are there connections to missing components?