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Can anyone make a instructables about a two wheeled skateboard? Answered

When I saw a 2-wheeled skateboard I thought that it would be difficult to ride on it but there are people who can really ride on one.


You can buy a two wheeled skateboard that's motorized, they will set you back $1000 and they have a motor but the cool part I thought was that your feet go inside the wheels because they are spoke-less. What I am currently doing is taking one of those razor (not of brand but think its razor) Gas scooters cutting the whole back end motor wheel brake, everything off and mounting it to a skateboard cut in half but you could probably cut a hole in the middle of the board and put only one wheel on the front so its a two wheeled skateboard. Good luck!


9 years ago

Wolfsshade made a instuctable on making a ripstick, (AKA a two wheeled skateboard.)