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Can anyone make a tutorial on making nasal strips, ones you use when congested or point me to one.? Answered



6 years ago

Sleep with slightly increased air pressure to your nostrils !
they will automatically widen.
This is a BiPap mask.



I actually have a CPAP machine that I use, works great.

Also fantastic at stopping nose bleed, a condition which troubled me all my life.

Did you try rinsing your sinuses? It seems to work for me. Also sinus rinse can be done safely as many times as necessary. I have suffered from my sinuses for years and I have had three sinus surgeries in the past 15 years, twice for polyps and once for deviated septum.

or, also with a paperclip, or some kind of wire, make the wire have 2 loops, one on each end.
have the loop line and slightly go into each nostrile, much like a normal paperclip does with paper, wrap some cloth or tissue around those loops, but have those little tiny pieces coated with Vicks vapor rub.

A "ghetto-rigged" version i've seen on the internet before involves a very resisting paperclip and a piece of tape