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Can anyone point me to some Transistor Projects? Answered

I am looking to expand my experience with transistors and their uses. The reason is I want to teach my self the fundamentals of how they are used and can be used. I understand the basics of using a transistor as a switch but I feel like I don't quite grasp the scope of how they can be used.

That all being said; I was wondering if any one can point me to some learning exercises using transistors that would explain some of the finer points?

By the way, I am searching for the keywords transistor and projects but I am hoping there is a good one that I may have missed that someone might point out for me.


Get yourself the book "The Art of the Electronics", and there is enough stuff there on the transistor to really get going


Just to get you started. While there (at both of them), read about the other basics as you'll need them too. Then do a seasrch to further yourself.

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6 years ago

For a quick tutorial try here :-)