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Can anyone really make legitimate night vision using a camera view finder? Answered

I've seen tons of hacks with theatrical gel sheets and high powered IR lights, but is it possible to amplify the light from a view finder and make actual night vision, not a "night vison flash light" but somewhat, military grade night vision.


There are a number of vehicles which have "passive" night vision camera systems... including Audi, older Cadillac DeVille models, and even some Honda. If anyone has one of these vehicles--or can pull the camera system from a salvage yard--the hack may be half done. However, these are camera systems--and I presume they don't have phototube amplifiers. Still they'd be good things to play with.

No, real "passive" night vision uses things called photomultipliers, and no light is EMITTED at all. Individual photons hit a target, kicking off an electron, that's accelerated usinng charged plates, to hit another target, kicking off more electrons, which are then accelerated.....many times. At least 10. The electrons from the final stage then hit a fluorescent screen, which is what you see as your ghsotly green image.