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Can anyone see what this page says? Answered

Is is just me or does the background color and font colors used here make it difficult to read about this contest? I can't see most of it.



8 years ago

its fine in Opera, and thats surprising considering Opera can be very picky

try highlighting the text

I can hardly read it.

I have Chrome and it looks fine orange title boxes across the top and in the top left, white background, black text

Looks normal to me... I'm using firefox...


9 years ago

I can read it, but it still doesnt look right. IE 7.0

gorrilla Glue.png

Safari browser? :-)

You might want to tell us which page it is...


The Gorilla Glue Contest Page

Having looked at the page I now see your topic on it, but I don't see the connection here on this page...? As I look at it today it looks fine - maybe some advertising was corrupting it before. L

must just be you pall I can see it perfectley fine

Looks fine to me too. I can read it easily.

"We've partnered with Gorilla Tape and Gorilla Glue to bring you the Gorilla Glue Cardboard Contest! Simply create something wonderful using any type of cardboard: corrugated or flat, boxes or tubes. You can use any type of adhesive (from Gorilla or not), fasteners, components, and decorations, but your project must include cardboard as a primary element. Gorilla glues, tapes, and epoxy are made for the toughest jobs on planet Earth! Gorilla products work when others fail, the first time, every time, helping people around the world build, create, and repair everything in their life. The Gorilla motto: build it, don't buy it, and repair it, don't replace it! So show us what cool toys, furniture, tools, decorations, or other amazing things you can make from cardboard. Whether it's fun or functional, we can't wait to see what you'll make!"

Thanks Kilsmer that was nice of you to do for me