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Can anyone suggest a good current book on understanding networking, Wired & Wireless? Answered

I have a basic knowledge of networks but I need to know more without having to go to a year worth of classes. I know how to pick the right hardware, run wire, setup a router, but if I needed to troubleshoot why tcpip is not working, why the speed is fluctuating I'm lost. As always, Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thank you lemonie, I have bookmark the page. I have searched online and there are many web pages devoted to networking and numerous books written on networking. I'm looking for a recommendation of a book that someone had previously read. I get so easily distracted when I try to read e-books. It's funny, the stigma still lives, if your on a computer everybody thinks your not busy but if your reading a book then they leave you alone. Thank you again!

I like that book/computer philosophy, I'll think about it.