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Can anyone suggest a small, and powerful 12V battery to run a strip of LED bulbs 1 metre long? Answered

I'm trying to make a simple LED circuit with a switch included in the circuit.Can someone suggest to me a 12V battery that is big enough to keep a 48 LED bulb system on for at least 24 running hours, but small enough to be the size of two fingers sticky taped together.Thanks guys,Nick?



6 years ago

Here have many of LED trip and power supplier



You haven't told us what these LEDs are.
If they have forward voltages of ~3V, you could wire 16 triples together from one or two 9V batteries (depending upon how big your two fingers are).
If they're only taking 20mA, that's 320mA for the lot.
One lithium battery would last no more than 4 hours, so let's re-think:
Run at 18V with 2 lithium batteries, 8 x 6 LEDs only 160mA and you're getting towards 10 hours but not quite.
No, for that size you're not going to do it, unless you're running them at less power than I'm guessing e.g. 2V 10-15mA.



8 years ago

But would one of those have enough charge to keep the LED system running for about 24 hours of non-consecutive running time???

MN21/A23.  It's about 1/3 as long as a AAA cell, commonly used in car-door remotes.