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Can anyone teach me how to make a remote control plate flipper for my license/vehicle registration plate for a car show? Answered

I have a car contest coming up in Indonesia and we have a choice to remove our plates to protect our identities on the streets from show visitors. It usually takes a small amount of effort to remove the plate screws and fix on the contest user name but I thought it would be nice to have it automatically change when I enter the show (might help me gain more points :D)

I have tried to search for this item online but some only supply the item to Russia and the rest of the sellers are in China. They cost around 290 dollars for a set, which I thought was quite pricy. To be quite honest in that 290 dollars I was going to spend, I doubted that the China factory would use the best quality materials considering the price.

So I was wondering if anyone could help me make one of these automatic revolving plate frames with remote control operation for the auto show? It would be really great as it would help me gain more points!

These are the links of the Russian company and Chinese company that produces it:
1. http://www.plate-flipper.com/       They have videos (Russia)
2. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/AUTOMATIC-Automatic-Flip-license-plate-revolving-license-plate-frame-free-shipping/101548_517916045.html               They don't have videos (China)

Thank you all for you help!!!


The one from China (I cant see the one from Russia at work) works by having the two arms on the side running in slots. The arms move up and lift the frame away from the bumper, from the bottom. When the arms reach full extension the frame is horizontal and the uncaptured edge then falls rotating the plate. The arms move back down and hold everything in place. The pictures below should help.

Plate Swing.pngPlate Layout.png

I can imagine how this would work, building a mould for those pieces seems straight forward enough, but I need a little more guidance....
PLEASE make an instructable out of this

Thanks for the explanation. I wrapped my brain around this for a day now, and could only figure out a compact system to rotate the number plate 90deg (so it will face downwards) . I will definitely be building a model of this soon. Thanks

The Easiest way and cheapest would be to get a Bracket off of an older jeep Wrangler that has the gas tank access behind the licensce plate.. Then rig a pully in through the interior with the electric system.

What I would do is buy a license plate frame that opens up like a book (where you put the plate in between to install it) and I would get a small remote controlled locking latch. You'll want to secure the plate to the inside of the frame and then install it to your car so that the hinge of the frame is on the bottom, and the latch is on the opposite side at the top. Then with the remote control, you would simply press the button to open the latch and the license plate flips down. On the inside of the frame you could have a sign or something else to reveal... You could probably get a small mechanism to close the license plate frame, but that might not be needed (since you just want it to open in style). Then when you leave, you'd just close the latch.

+1, Simple and effective. You want a real James Bond Style rotating style plate you are going to have to modify the bumper of the car because there needs to be space behind the plates for them to turn them around. Depending on the style of show this could cost you points for modifying the orginal parts. This would be the case at a Concours d'Elegance for example.

sorry didnt know how to reply. so made one big lengthy reply for everyone. still getting accustomed to the website.

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hey I'm unsure of what to use as a motor to flip it could you pm me and give me any ideas thanks

the one below that has pictures I don't know what electric part I need to flip the plate back and forth any help would be great

Hi, can you send PM to me please . I am intrested do make this project well . Thank you . p.s. You can send it to me on my e-mail arvin-arvin@hotmail.com

First thing you need to do is check on the legality of such a device on your car. If they are illegal then that is why you can't get one of those finished units. Most countries have laws against such a device since it would easily allow you to hide your plates from the cops or from traffic cams.

sorry didnt know how to reply. so made one big lengthy reply for everyone. still getting accustomed to the website.

Thank you for the prompt answers and quick questions.
Firstly @mpilchfamily I come from Indonesia and we dont have traffic or speed cameras here. Nevertheless I am not using it for illegal purposes. I just want to make one similar to the video on this website http://www.plate-flipper.com/

Hi @bwrussel I do want a james bond style revolving plate like the one in the website but I do not want to modify my bumper. My bumper was recently changed to a carbon fiber model and it'd be hurtful for me to modify a $5000 bumper (Front and Back) The video seems to have the rotation mechanism within the plate itself without modification to the bumper :(

@canucksgirl :) thats a pretty decent idea. I'm going to try make one like you said, though a completely revolving one would be of great help as it'd be automated and so cool like the vid. I would completely knock out all the other competitors just with that gadget in creativity points and if I do get into the magazine I'm going to give credit to you guys and instructables :D