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Can anyone tell me how to build a sturdy pergola that doesn't require a lot of carpentry skills? Answered

I have dogs so need the pergola to be sturdy but I'm not especially skilled in carpentry.




8 years ago

If you can handle a saw and a drill, it's not too hard. I used a router as well, but not essential, just faster than by hand :)

If you want, you can also buy a pergola in a kit as a start to building your own stuff.

Guaranteed that if you hire someone, you won't overcome your fears or gain skills.

Attached is an image of the one I made at home.

basic pergola.jpg

1 get the things u need
>books about wood joints
>nail gun
>the all important nails and or screws
>and the all important saw
2 get the necessary preperations done
>read up its best u at least kno the basics
>make sure u kno what its suppose to look like
>and make sure u kno all ur dimensions(measurements)
3 might as well start
>but only if u thing u kno what ur doing 

carpetry is not rocket science. most carpentry projects are very tolerant to newbie errors. pergola is not exception just take the tools in your hands and throw your doubts away ! in some homes there is that unneeded thing in the window called shutter. it is a frame with horizontal plastic blinds that can be closed to block all light. you can install such frames as roof you can use window frames for the entire construction


9 years ago

You can find free plans for pergola projects on the net and at Lowe's. However, building a pergola is not a project for anyone without some carpentry skills. I would suggest you pick up some plans and decide what you want, then try to find a friend or a handyman with the necessary skills for the job. You can probably get someone who will do it for a reasonable price if you provide the materials and the labor for the grunt work.

Stop by your local library, and find a book. Really. That's the easiest way I can describe it, without sitting here for the next two hours, typing up an instruction manual. A pergola is an easy enough project, that a person really shouldn't have to feel like they need to hire anyone to build it for them. It's easier with an extra set of hands, and makes the project a bit more fun, too

Yep, there are probably dozens of books that will have good instructions. Big box stores will also have a section filled with project books. Also realize that you will probably need to buy a few power tools to build your project. Considering your lack of skills (soon to be remedied after finishing this work!), I assume that you probably don't have what you need yet. It also won't make economical sense to rent the tools, since it'll probably take you a while to finish. It will be cheaper to buy than rent.


9 years ago

What you do is get a phonebook and find a carpenter. If you don't have much carpentry skills yourself then I would hire someone else. If you mess up, you'll have to pay for it. If they mess up, you shouldn't have to pay for it.