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Can anyone tell me how to get the Pin ID chart for this cam? Answered

I have tried many different branches of IBM and none of them know how to do there jobs and I cannot get anyone who even knows what this cam is and they sold them. I have called and tried web sites all the way to China. Can anyone tell me where I can get the Pin ID chart for this cam? It is a Thinkpad Ultraport Camera 11 Model 02K5152 From IBM I am trying to set this cam up in my truck and get live video to record as I need. I want to take it apart and hide it in my truck and have it hooked up to my video recorder. I want to put it in the grill of the truck to record like the cops do. Any help would be greatly helpfull. Thank you to all



I swear I googled the same thing many times and different ways and all I keep getting was sites to IBM and Lenovo and I know I went through 30 different sites from each site and nothing. I called many different numbers for IBM and Lenovo and every one keep just sending me to another dept. and they would send me to another dept. and so on. I told them I understand the tech support would not have the info that I needed and I keep asking them if they could tell me how to get ahold of the manufacture in China where it was made. What really made me mad was that when I would ask them a question they would not say a word and just transfer me to another dept. Not 1 person answered my question. They just keep transferring me and burning up my minutes on my phone. When I did get someone who would talk to me actually starting getting sh@#y with me and because he did not have that kind of information and hang up on me. Thats when I started getting mad. Anyway I think you for the site offer and I didn't mean to come off as the way that it did, All I want was if they could lead me to the manufacture thats all. I think you both for your replys

Was just curious. I figured you searched. I've had the experience of searching and for some reason (what I call a brain fart) I don't use the right group of terms, and so the search goes nowhere... Also had the same experience as you with mfgs...Understood...

Helpdesks generally aren't geared for deep technical support -- they're set up to address the questions customers have in using the products, not in modifying them. So if they can't help you, that doesn't mean they aren't "doing their job", just that you need something that's outside their job. Doing websearches -- in general, or on the manufacturer's website (IBM still has more info available than Lenovo, I think, even though the Thinkpad is now a Lenovo product) -- is the right place to start. If you can't find it, an honest-to-goodness _letter_ may do a better job of getting past the first few levels of phone support and reaching someone with technical expertise. Good luck.

I inputted the Thinkpad Ultraport Camera 11 pinout to yahoo search and immediately found


I'm curious, what trouble did you have doing a standard internet search? "brain fart?" or did you just give up after IBM wouldn't cough the data?

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