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Can anyone tell me how to get unwanted members from posting on a question or off my comments? Answered



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This is a public website, and (as long as they observe the site rules), everybody is entitled to their opinion.

If the posters you refer to break the rules, use the flaf button, or send a PM to one of the site admins. If you are feeling harrassed by their posts, talk to one of the Volunteers.

But, if you just don't like the poster or their opinion, tough.

In case it isn't obvious: "flaf" was meant to be "flag".

Gods know I make enough tuppograflica erors myself...

Dang, and I used preview as well...

Beyond the technological soltions others have posted: - Ask them nicely. Explain why you feel that their comments aren't contributing to the community. Generally this is better done through a private message rather than through public posts. - Rally for a policy change. This one is a long shot, but I've found the admins of the site to be receptive to well reasoned suggestions. You'll need a better reason than "unwanted" though. But just like in real life, bring a twit or a bore or annoying isn't against the law around here and it's best just to ignore it and move on. However if someone is violating the guidelines, harassing you, or violating the law (for example, a restraining order) you can absolutely have those things dealt with.

As Kiteman said, this is a public Web site. If you just don't like someone's opinions, suck it up and be an adult. If someone is violating the terms of service (which can include harrassment), notify the Staff.

If you become a member, you can make private instructables and only invite the people you would like to view it. However, if you're in the public part of the website, you just take what you get.

As far as I know, the only way to achieve this on Instructables is to filter at your end of the wire, by writing a browser plug-in. If you're using Firefox, the Greasemonkey plug-in makes doing so moderately straightforward; some people have used this to try to automatically hide knex-related instructables, for example. Or, if they're really being offensive, you can Flag their postings for possible review by the Instructables team (which may or may not result in any action being taken). But the hazard of posting on an open-discussion service is that anyone can reply... and some of the replies may not be ones you consider useful.Usually the best thing to do is to ignore those.