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Can anyone tell me how to repair an emergency light that doesn't recharge? Answered



Be careful of high voltage and be sure your knowledgable before you poke around. Find and remove the batteries. Ensure the system is in charging mode. Measure the voltage at the battery terminals. You will have to get a number off the battery and google it. It should be a few volts above the expected sum of the battery voltage. and if not the charge circuit is dead, supply voltage is gone or the charge circuit is dead. If the voltage is good then replace the batteries

Thanks o lot my friend for the help hope you wont mind my asking , what shoul i use in testing AC or DC. You see am really poor on electricity


9 years ago

How expensive is the emergency light? If it is a cheaper one, they usually come with a battery and a crank. Once the battery dies, you are left with the crank only. There is an Instructable on how to make a rechargeable emergency light. Hope this helps!

thank you very much for me here in the Philippines 1000pesos is already expensive, but this is the kind of emergency lights that is usually installed on the walls and lights automatically when Brown Outs (what we call here when power from supplying companies interupted).